The St. Vincent de Paul Alumni Association was created in late 2004 when a small group of St. Vincent graduates (who had remained fast friends from day one) got together and the conversation turned to the good old days. “Whatever happened to John so-and-so; I heard Mary what’s-her-name moved to California.” The seed for a reunion was planted, others became involved, and the result was the 2005 Grand Reunion. If an event is measured by attendance, then the 2005 event was a huge success. Attendance exceeded capacity. A new venue, the Elks Lodge in Des Plaines, was selected starting with the 2006 Grand Reunion which resulted in a more comfortable experience for our attendees.

The Association is governed by a volunteer Planning Committee (click here). Responsibilities of the Committee include planning reunions, publishing an occasional newsletter, keeping the alumni database current, maintaining this website, and other programs and events that help classmates stay connected.

Dedicated volunteers are always welcome to join the Planning Committee.  Several meetings are held in the months prior to a grand reunion and other times as needed.  In addition, we have a specific need for another person on the Committee with WordPress website experience.

Click here to send us an email expressing your interest in joining the Planning Committee.

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