Using individual student photos with names was the norm for graduating class group photographs starting in 1952, and these photos were used as the basis for our classmate lists.  Prior to 1952, graduates were assembled on the church steps or in front of the school and photographed as a group.  We have limited classmate name information for these years with the exception of 1931, 1942, and 1943 where we were able to obtain names from printed commencement programs.

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Classes 1928-1936 Class of 1956  Class of 1968
Class of 1933 Class of 1957  Class of 1969
Classes 1937-1941  Class of 1958  Class of 1970
Class of 1942 Class of 1959   Class of 1971
Class of 1943 Class of 1960  Class of 1972
Classes 1944-1945 Class of 1961  Class of 1973
Classes 1946-1947 Class of 1962  Class of 1974
Classes 1948-1949 Class of 1963  Class of 1975
Classes 1950-1951 Class of 1964  Class of 1976
Class of 1952 Class of 1965  Class of 1977
Class of 1953 Class of 1966  Classes 1978-1981
Class of 1954 Class of 1967  Unknown Class Year 
Class of 1955


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