Early School History

An early school history, written in 1926-1927, was graciously provided by the BVM motherhouse in Dubuque, Iowa.  Click here to read the recollections of Sister Mary Gregory, BVM who was assigned to St. Vincent de Paul School in 1891.

To read the text of an early St. Vincent de Paul school song, click here.


Parish History

Property for St. Vincent de Paul parish was purchased in 1875, and a multi-purpose building that included a church and schoolrooms was completed in 1876.

Click here for additional parish history.


St. Vincent High School for Girls

While doing some genealogical research at the DePaul University library, Louise Malek, whose father attended St. Vincent School in the 1920’s, came across numerous documents related to the school’s initiation of a “continuing education” program for students after graduation from eighth grade. The documents, written by the BVM sisters, relate specifically to the development in 1890 of a “high school for girls” that operated until Immaculata High School was opened in 1921.

These documents which include names of graduates by year were, most likely, compiled from earlier records and then periodically updated, sometimes with penciled notes about married names, addresses, etc. As a result there is some duplication with new lists replacing old. However, tucked in with all the repetition are quite a few historical gems. It should be noted that the boys followed a similar path resulting in the founding of DePaul Academy.

1890 to 1912  Click here.
1913  to 1917  Click here.
1918  to 1923 Click here.
Diamond Jubilee Card Party (1943) and alumnae lists  Click here.
Alumnae list 1890 to 1917 (compiled in 1955)  Click here.




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